The best optometrist in Hurstville now has a website!!!

Eyes and Specs

The best optometrist in Hurstville now has a website!!!

Mark this day – 21st August 2022! Eyes and Specs have their own website. We are accessible online and searchable on Google. This now links our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to our digital presence on! Thank you so much to Kalora Digital for setting up this website within 1 week. Feel free to browse through the site and find out more about our services, eye health, contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses. Also come in store at 209 Forest Road Hurstville, NSW, 2220 to see meet our friendly staff. Also check in on the site on a regular basis to get our latest updates on our blog.

Thanks again to the Kalora Digital team. Feel free to reach out to them at or

Eyes and Specs Best Optometrist Hurstville Forest Road web site Kalora Digital

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  1. Thank you to Kalora Digital. The Eyes and Specs website looks great and is accessible on all the best devices. Exactly what was needed to support the best independent optometrist in Hurstville!

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