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What is the history of Gucci Sunglasses?

Guccio Gucci, who was 25 then, opened the House of Gucci, a saddlery store in Florence, in 1906. Gucci began as a producer of quality leather products, selling leather bags to horses in the 1920s, and eventually expanded into luxury baggage items when his clientele transitioned to automobiles and other horseless carriages. The first retail store opened in 1938 in Rome’s Via Condotti.

Gucci became even more famous in the 1960s when it was connected with Hollywood stars such as Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn. Photographers also spotted Jackie Kennedy Onassis with a Gucci shoulder bag that became known as the “Jackie O.” At the time, the company’s logo was “GG.”

In the 1990s, Tom Ford took over as Gucci’s executive chairman and “reintroduced” the brand. He revitalized the company by creating various items such as colognes, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, watches, ties, and the ever-popular Gucci sunglasses.

What is the quality of Gucci Sunglasses?

Aside from the hefty price tag, every Gucci pair exudes flair, luxury, and grandeur. These sunglasses showcase modern designs that are both fashionable and functional. They’re out of the norm, which makes them popular with everyone, from celebrities to regular folks.

Gucci sunglasses are designed for today’s men and women. They speak about luxury, and their beautiful, antique objects have become famous. The precisely proportioned linear forms have a unique “taste” that appeals to both men and women worldwide.

Gucci’s plastic frames are made of Optyl or Acetate. Sunglass lenses are also made of plastic. The lenses are mostly polycarbonate and easily scratched but have good impact durability and do not shatter.

Gucci sunglasses are all handcrafted in Italy or Japan by the Safilo Group in Italy and Japan. The company provides a two-year worldwide guarantee on its glasses, beginning with the date of purchase.

Gucci Sunglasses for men

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses: These aviators are a traditional option, characterized by a black metal frame that accentuates and provides a slight contrast between the lens’ soft tone. The gold metal temples are embellished with the Interlocking G feature and finished with acetate tips depicting the gold bee, a symbol from the 1970s archives.

Gucci Polarized Sunglasses: With a lightweight frame made of acetate and carefully polarized lenses, the Gucci sunglasses are sturdy and fashionable. The glasses’ temples are immaculately adorned with Gucci’s signature red and green stripes, making it a flexible standout piece. The square frames with rounded edges complement practically every face type and are a timeless daily accessory.

Pilot Gucci Sunglasses: Pilot Gucci Sunglasses are similar to Gucci Aviator Sunglasses in frame form but with a stronger vintage feel. These include a metallic (golden) frame as well as opal nose pads, and an option for sage green or blue lenses.

Gucci Sunglasses for women

Gucci Statement Oval Sunglasses (GG0208S)– The spectacles are dramatic, ageless, and eternally elegant, with a thick frame made of quality acetate, available in both sleek and tortoiseshell black. The spectacles’ design will also soften and flatten more sharp features, which is why they are so popular.

Gucci GC0296S Blue and Beyond  Glasses – The elegant octagon-shaped glasses are large but hardly conspicuous. The specs have a slender (metallic gold) frame and an almost fully transparent lens. It’s constructed to minimize the quantity of blue (computer) light reaching your eyes. The lens stays transparent in average to dark lighting and gets darker in brighter light, making them perfect for the workplace and the beach.

Cat Eye Black Acetate Sunglasses (GC0597S) – Pick up a pair of Gucci’s trademark Cat Eye Black Acetate Sunglasses for a retro feel. These sunglasses are pure ’50s glamour, with a classic cat-eye form and eye-catching embellishments like the gold G logo and web-effect trim in pearlized pink and tortoiseshell at the temple.

How do Gucci Sunglasses compare to other brands?

Gucci glasses generally have a certain level of status owing to the brand. The craftsmanship is of high grade.

On the other hand, Gucci falls short in terms of technology and accuracy compared to Maui Jims. With its proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology, Maui Jim sunglasses enable you to see colour in ways you’ve never seen before. Their exclusive digital polarization formula increases colour in bright circumstances, creating a clearer and more colourful visual world.

Gucci glasses generally have a certain level of status owing to the brand. They are not the most incredible sunglasses in performance and eye protection compared to a less ‘classy’ brand such as Ray Bans. The latter is more practical and pleasant to wear for extended periods than trendy sunglasses.

What celebrities have worn Gucci Sunglasses?

Hundreds of celebrities have been photographed wearing Gucci, and with summer fast approaching, it’s no wonder that Gucci sunglasses have been trendy. Famous people wearing the renowned brand include Mariah Carey, James Franco, Christiano Ronaldo, Kanye West, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus,  Nichole Scherzinger,  and Ludacris mention a few.

What is the cost of Gucci Sunglasses?

In general, none of Gucci’s items are inexpensive. Gucci sunglasses may cost more than $400 AUD; the highest prices can exceed $1,000 AUD.